Open Offer of Events Notes for 'How to do Business in the Pacific Rim'

Hello, I am hoping that I may act as a resource for some of you with relevant interests. I will attend the paid event on campus this Wednesday (October 19, 2016) entitled “How to do Business in the Pacific Rim” (details here:, and I imagine that many of you will not be able attend but that you may benefit from its information.

Please take a look at the panel schedule at the link above (panel titles below) and send me (via comments here) questions and areas of interest that, if you were to attend, you’d take notes about. I will take notes during the event and keep your questions and areas of interest in mind. After the event, I will provide a transcribed version of the notes I took, and I will work to answer your questions and give information relevant to your areas of interest. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to answer all the questions that I receive, but I will try.

  • Panel 1: “California Trade & Tourism Trends – Opportunities and Challenges”
  • Panel 2: “The California Lifestyle Brand”
  • Panel 3: “How to do Business in … A view from the market!” (I am most interested in this panel)